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Trinity Bible College Chapel Podcast

Aug 2019

08.23.19 Dr. Carol Alexander

Healthy Minds

  • Romans 12:1-2
  1. Our minds need to be renewed daily.
  2. Our mindset determines our actions.
  3. Our mindset determines our future.
Aug 2019

08.22.19 Dr. Ulrik Josefsson

Dr. Ulrik Josefsson shares an engaging message at Trinity Bible College & Graduate School. 

Aug 2019

08.21.19 Dr. Paul Alexander

The Kindness of God

Romans 2:4

  • What it is not

    • Niceness
    • Ignoring of bad choices
    • No consequences for our actions
  • What it is
    • The adventure of discovery¬†
    • The joy of community
    • the moment when heaven touches earth
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