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Sep 2019

09.18.19 Greg Washington

The Glory of God

Mark 9:1-11

What is the Glory we see?

  1. The Glory of Christ's Sinlessness
  2. The Glory of Christ's Sonship
  3. The Glory of Christ's Suffering
Sep 2019

09.13.19 Rural Ministries Panel

Rural Ministries Panel

Rural Ministries Week Day 3

Sep 2019

09.11.19 Cody Cochran

Rural Ministries Day 2

Cody Cochran preaches on John 1:43-46. 

Sep 2019

09.10.19 Cody Cochran

Pastor Cody Cochran from Texas begins the Rural Ministries Week with a passionate message about the importance of rural ministries. 

Sep 2019

09.06.19 One Minute Wisdom - Faculty

Trinity Bible College & Graduate School Faculty Share One Minute Nuggets of Wisdom

Dave Jacob

Jeannine Gibson

Eric Silvoskey

Jorden Nowell

Rachel nowell 

Michael Land

Aaron Thurber

Amy Freier

Ben McIntosh

Justin Gibson

Sep 2019

09.04.19 Kevin Libby

Pastor Kevin Libby, Pastor at New Life in Ellendale, ND, shares a powerful message. 

Sep 2019

09.03.19 Dr. Michael Bommarito

Renewing Our Minds

Ephesians 4:17-24

Sep 2019

08.28.19 Aaron Thurber

Mark 10:46-52

Professor Aaron Thurber reminds the question that Jesus asks, "What do you want me to do for you?"


Sep 2019

08.27.19 Convocation

2019-2020 Convocation Service 

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