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Oct 2019
Oct 2019

10.23.19 Twyla Kuntz

John 16

  1. Word of God
  2. Spirit of God
  3. People of God

Read, feel, see, think, and dream the word of God.

Oct 2019

10.22.19 Matt & Maggie Payne

Life Controlling Issues

  • Is Sin really a big deal?
  • If we are saved by grace can we continue to sin?
  • This is serious stuff that can lead to spiritual death.
  • God loves you too much to leave you in your destructive patterns.
  • God wants you to be free!

Ways to Overcome Sin:

  1. Confession

    • Stay in Community
    • Get help
  2. Disciplines
  3. Remove yourself from temptation


Oct 2019

10.16.19 Ian O’ Brien


  • Prophecy is a gift of the Spirit

    • Prophecy as especially noted by Paul
  • Prophetic information does not come from cognition, it comes from God.
  • God works with us; He does not "possess" us. He gives us boldness to exercise gifts. But, there is still human involvement. 
  • We can "experiment" with prophecy, because if it's wrong, you won't be stoned (like in the OT). People can weigh the prophecy. 
  • Prophecy can be planned or spontaneous. It can be the Bible or other words in agreement with the Bible.
  • Prophecy can cause the Word of God to be rediscovered.

Three Kings of Judah

  • Hezekiah: good king, followed the law of God
  • Manasseh: evil king, followed the law of God
  • Amon: evil king


  • Josiah (boy king): 2 Chronicles 34:8-11

    • Men found the Book of the Law
    • Josiah leads a national revival
  • Prophecy is here to wake people up and rediscover the Word of God.
Oct 2019

10.15.19 Garrett Freier

Student Ministries Director Garrett Frieier shares a message about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The Third Wheel

Oct 2019

10.11.19 Dr. Paul Alexander

President Dr. Paul Alexander shares a powerful message to the student body, staff and faculty. 

Oct 2019

10.10.19 Q&A with Drs. Paul & Carol

Supernatural Series

  • What does it mean to be spirit-filled?
  • What supernatural moments have you encountered?
  • How do you discern what God is peaking to you?
  • What is a healthy view of the supernatural in the western world?
Oct 2019
Oct 2019

10.08.19 Tyler Tufte

South Dakota District Youth Director, Tyler Tufte

The Finisher

  • Created to be a finisher
  • God the finisher
  • At the end of your life, you will definitely be done. But will you have finished?



Oct 2019

10.04.19 The Great Missions Debate

The Great Missions Debate

Strategy and the Spirit: Where Should the Church Send Missionaries?

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